angel butter

Firming Cream

50ml -

330 ILS

Based on multi-peptides and essential lipids to firm and nourish, this overnight treatment facilitates maximum skin renewal and cell turnover. Angel Butter is a luxurious blend of top technology and natural essences. Penetrating and lifting, it leaves the skin soft, plump and radiant.
Extra firming properties
* Plump skin texture
* Deep nourishment
* Restores vitality
* Restores elasticity
* Light-weight experience
* Great for day and night use
* Amazing for daily neck and face use
Good for both sensitive skin and anti-aging

Layer 1
Product’s purpose

Regular use of this divine butter will ensure a firmer skin for many years.

Main active ingredients:

*Anti-gravity peptide: This patented peptide creates a layer of protein that defies gravity. The skin will feel “lifted” with the very first application of this moisturizer.*Copper peptide: This peptide which is also found in our skin allows for tightening of the skin’s matrix and encourages collagen and elastin production. It is very important in the healing process of skin tissue and helps maintain its healthy structure and vibrant look. It assists in replacing dead skin cells, restoring scarred skin, and filling in lines and wrinkles.

*Pure Shea butter: High concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins with anti-inflammatory and healing properties, softening and offering deep nourishment for the skin. The addition of pure shea butter to this beautifully formulated cream conditions, tones, and soothes your skin.

*Essential lipids: For maximum skin hydration and firmness, these fatty lipids slip deeply into your pores, providing natural nourishment and acting as a perfect moisturizer. Skin is soothed, elasticity is restored, and a smooth, soft and supple complexion is revealed.



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