My name is Ofri Bass, I have been a cosmetician and Chinese Medicine practitioner for 15 years. My holistic approach is to combine my knowledge of the two modalities for the best possible results.
Through Lilly Kai's method of integrative skin care, you can enjoy the benefits of naturally beautiful, glowing, and healthy-looking skin.
Each skin is unique and tells a different story. I would like to know a bit about your skin so that I can customize a daily routine for you.
What is my skin type?
We all have the occasional pimple, but is that what bothers you the most? Or perhaps you feel your skin is lacking vitality?
I want to know what is most important to you to treat so that we could optimize the result.
When customizing a kit especially for you, I take all the information you provide into consideration.
A clear photo of your face will allow me to put together the right kit of products specifically for your skin, so I highly recommend sending one! Why a photo of your tongue? Good question.
According to Chinese Medicine, the tongue can convey a lot about our skin, and about what is going on internally. Sending a photo of your tongue as well will help me maximize the results of the home treatment plan and enable me to personalize a Chinese Herbal fusion tea which will help balance the skin from within.
Maximum file size: 1 MB
Maximum file size: 1 MB
At Lilly Kai, we respect your privacy.
We will never use or pass on the photos we receive for purposes other than customizing product kits. This is for internal use only.