We need to differentiate between mature skin that is dry and mature skin that is oily with a tendency to develop spots and blemishes.

The former will most likely be very thin, wrinkle more easily, sag, and lack vitality. This will often manifest as pigmentation, early signs of aging, and dullness.

The latter will require a different treatment, a combination of anti-aging and acne while being careful not to dry the skin out too much.

Defense Serum

315 ILS

Stem Cell Concentrate

236 ILS

Antioxidants Formula

350 ILS

Active Encapsulated Retinol Serum

315 ILS

Multi Peptide Cream

290 ILS

Firming Cream

330 ILS

Gentle Moisturizer

285 ILS

Calming Skin Mask

285 ILS

8-minute beauty shot

285 ILS

עופרי בס

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