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My name is Ofri Bass, and I am a cosmetician and Chinese Medicine practitioner. Throughout my years of experience in skin care, I have learned that blending active ingredients, technology, and Chinese Medicine, offers results that are both unparalleled and long-lasting.

This is the perfect combination that will improve most skin conditions and transform all complexions, providing the healthy and radiant glow we all desire.


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Defense Serum

315 ILS

clarifying solution

250 ILS

Stem Cell Concentrate

236 ILS

Antioxidants Formula

350 ILS

Active Encapsulated Retinol Serum

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Multi Peptide Cream

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Clients Recommend​

I don't usually tend to give a review about products and customer services, however with Lilt kai I must say that I was really surprised. in a good way of course. I heard about the website from a friend, filled in the form plus sent a picture of my tongue and I got a recommendation that has been especially suited to me. A Few days after the package came, beautifully wrapped, and the products were amazing - texture and smell and after a few days I have already started to see changes on my face. Well done! and looking forward for my next order
Lior Haen
Awesome products that made the skin glow and feel pleasant. Disclosure - I know the owner so I'm a bit biased but regardless of facial skin - it never looks better. How lucky am I that I know Ofri and Lily Kai ????
Uria Bass
There are not enough words to describe the magic hands of Ofri and the girls at the clinic. and their productssss. WOW. They are outstanding. My skin is now glowing and it feels like it is much stronger and more vivid within only two months! Putting on the products is like a daily massage and the smells of all the serums and creams are amazing… Thanks to Ofri and everyone at the clinic❤️
Pnina Mor-Shalev
Ofri has been treating my facial skin for 8 years. As someone who lives in the desert, and loves the sun, I needed products that would restore my natural glow and vividness to my skin. Lily Kai's products revolutionize how the skin feels and looks. They go with me everywhere
Daniella Ifrach
I arrived at Ofri's clinic a little hesitant and completely desperate. No cream and no treatment in the past have helped my acne and wounds to heal over time. I also did not think it would be resolved, I hoped that I might be able to get rid of the redness and go on to the next goal. But Ofri and her “fairies” did their magic and it just worked! In their special method, with the huge smile that can also be seen under the mask, and of course with the products that you can detect them from a distance (due to their great smell). For over half a year now I have been walking with a smile and with a pleasant and moisturized facial skin Thanks ????????????????
Or Shmueli Sabag
The care of Ofri and the therapist's team is accurate and dedicated! Ofri knows how to diagnose quickly and accurately, in order to bring the skin to its optimal condition. The course of treatment is soothing, opening, and resonates even in the days that follow! Highly recommend it.
Adi Hanan
I purchased the acne treatment kit 4 months ago. Two specific products in it miraculously changed my skin - Ninja latte and Vivid serum. My skin is much more balanced in terms of texture, color, and pigmentation spots (that have almost disappeared!) the products are totally worth it (and even beyond that). I will definitely be back to purchase them a second time
Ann Rachel Aron
After the perfect treatment I received as a birthday present, I purchased Lilly Kai products and I am just amazed at the quick results. Each of us is sensitive to herself and can notice the tiniest nuances - the pigmentation has lightened, the skin is becoming even, and I am constantly getting compliments on my facial skin that is firm and taut !! I always say that a big part of it is probably my genes, but completely and utterly also to your rich and accurate hit products! Thanks ❤ See you soon... I'm addicted ????
Chen Balali
As a joke, my wife started smearing me with lily kai products and today I just can not do without them .. my skin has never looked so good. Completely complimenting, great products.
Nadav Cohen
I've been using Lily Kay's products for months It's the best moment of my day when I'm putting them on, it feels like a ceremony and I like the fact that I really take care of my facial skin. until today I only used moisturizers but from the moment I started with Ofri's creams and serums, I'm just overwhelmed by the change - first of all the smell of the products is addictive and magical, but something happened to me: I find myself putting less and less make-up (I wear makeup even if it is just going down to through the garbage), my skin glows and suddenly make-up feels unnecessary ... I just love myself more in the mirror And this is it ????
Tal Levy
I have a shelf dedicated to lilly kai ???? I have a lotttt of these great products that have made a huge change in my facial skin! and of course with the excellent support of Lia and Ofri ???? Recently even my teenage daughters fell in love ❤️ Thanks
Mor Levin-Weisz
The "Ninja Latte" serum is just perfect, you notice a significant improvement in your skin - more velvety, smoother, and more elastic. Unlike other retinoids, it does not cause redness and itchiness at all. I'm already finishing the second bottle and will certainly continue for another ????????
Yali Berger Peled
After years of searching for accurate, customized, pleasant products that would make me feel like they are doing the job, I have found them! Lila kai's products smell like heaven, make the morning and evening routine a luxurious one, and actually create a significant change in the skin! Recommended Recommended Recommended.
Vered Feldman
I have to say, I've tried so many products in my life, I have facial skin that tends to be oily and problematic, and Lily Kai's products just took care of all its problems. The texture they leave is amazing. The serums are perfect, the creams, everything. There is no friend I haven't recommended to her to get Lily kai’s products, and so many of my friends actually bought and they are super satisfied. Truly - they are perfect products. Thanks to them I stopped wearing makeup. A thousand times thank you !!! ????
Aviv Terner
Treatment at Ofri's clinic feels like a rebirth. Rebirth to the cells of the skin, body, and mind, with wonderful sensitivity and great professionalism. Ofri, You give me everything me and my skin need. Thank God who brought us together and for the gifts, you scatter with your hands ???? You are a champion???? Smadar Aviv Schneidman is 53 years old, feels and looks younger for my age
Smadar Aviv Shnaiderman
Amazing products! I was especially surprised to find out how easy and friendly it was to order a custom made kit that the site suited me personally through the questionnaire. When I received the kit, a video came along with it and explained to me exactly how to use the products. Well done! Now after a month of using Lilt kai’s products, I can test that my skin definitely looks better and healthier. Crazy site and addictive products.
Miri Cohen
Highly recommend the products, but nonetheless, it is Ofri's dedicated treatment and care that adapts the products to the individual needs of each one. There are real results ????
Noa Kovayko
I've been using Lily Kai's products for the past month and I started to see and feel change right away! My skin looks great, really amazing products. Highly recommend!
Hani Saar
I really like Lily Kai's products, and have been using them for a long time. Every time I discover something new to fall in love with, like the “wind of change” tea, which just saved my facial skin after the summer. It had acne wounds in the area that the corona mask hid, and no matter what I did, or what mask I used, I just looked like I was traveling back in time to adolescence ... Drinking the tea just got my facial skin back in balance 🙂
Lilach Mayer-Wolf
After years of negligence, which came from a place of distrust in the use of cosmetics products (I believed that only what went into my body would make a difference) I saw Ofri on the TV, and she explained the method of her treatment. As a devout believer in alternative therapies as well as acupuncture, I wanted to find out more details. After about half an hour I contacted the clinic through the website, I got a diagnosis of my skin type and the products were already on their way to me. No later than a week of using the pleasant serums and creams, I felt the changes on my skin. I completed the treatment with a pleasant and professional treatment by Ofri. My skin looks a decade younger in only two weeks. I can not believe what I see. Just feels like magic. Highly recommend it.
Yudit Kotser

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