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Active Encapsulated Retinol Serum

30ml -

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The cutting-edge of new-age cosmetic technology and a true anti-aging warrior, this gentle and restorative formula is based on encapsulated Retinol, bakuchiol flowers and PhytoSpherix. Ninja Latte is easily absorbed without irritation, and offers an array of proven benefits:

* Reduces and smoothens lines and wrinkles
* Restores natural radiance
* Corrects hyper-pigmentation and encourages an even-tone complexion
* Softens the pores and accelerates skin regeneration and collagen synthesis
* Firms skin elasticity
* Collagen buildup
* Helps pores sebum control
* Renews the skin and lightens blemishes and acne scarring
* Anti-irritant

Regular nightly use of this velvety serum ensures a younger, firmer, and more glowing complexion. Ninja Latte supports the skin in being in the best shape, tone, firmness, and tightness for many years to come

Main active ingredients:

*Encapsulated Retinol: Vitamin A formula with intelligent lipid technology, which is released gradually by the enzymes of the skin. This ingredient is best known as responsible for cell renewal, softening skin tone, as well as the number one anti-ager in the world. Its encapsulated shape means that it will retain its complex compounds up until it is absorbed by the skin.

*Bukuchiol flowers: A new cell-renewal plant superstar that accelerates collagen synthesis. The results are visible immediately and without side effects that are the outcome of irritation.

*PhytoSpherix: “Skin food” acts as a natural glycogen source for your cells. Since the ability of derma cells to produce energy decreases over time, adding glycogen topically provides the most efficient energy source for a multifunctional effect on the skin’s overall appearance.



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