Why Lilly Kai?

Our products are active and were specifically created to kick start the change your skin needs. Lilly Kai’s trademark is in creating products that fuse between East and West – ancient Chinese Medicine mixed with top of the range advanced technology, which is everything that science can offer to skin health and aesthetics.

We love nature and everything it can offer us for a better life style and good health, but we also rely science which helps us make the Lilly Kai products active so they could penetrate the skin and work effectively. It is important to us that your daily routine will be balanced, so that not only you will feel and see your skins health improving, but you will also enjoy the process.

The combination between our tea infusions and our active products is a definite winner. We have no doubt at all that you will feel and see positive results within a very short time.


Lilly Kai – everything your skin needs.