Hello Summer! Caring for our Skin in the Summertime

עופרי בס תמונת פנים

There is no vacation from skincare. Especially during the summertime, when the Israeli sun is blazing, and our delicate skin needs intense protection. Yet, who wants to be weighed down by layers of product? So, what are we to do? How do we best protect our skin from the sun, both during and after exposure? Do we always need to use moisturizer, even during extreme heat and/or humidity? How important is sunscreen? These are just some of the questions I often hear from patients.

During summertime we face several challenges – on the one hand, the sun is blazing, and the skin needs protection; on the other hand -who wants loads of products on their face in the heat of Israeli summer? So, what should we do? How do we best protect the skin in the sun, during exposure and after? Do we need to use moisturizer even in extreme heat and humidity? How important is sunscreen? Those are some of the questions I often hear from patients both in summer and winter.


Let’s start with the skin’s basic needs. Maturing skin needs moisture. Both in summer and in winter.

As years go by, the skin loses it ability to produce sufficient natural moisture (NMF – Natural Moisturizing Factor) and gradually begins to dry. This dryness is one of the initial causes for the signs of aging. Keeping the skin moisturized is the most basic element of protecting skin quality. We offer very gentle moisturizers suitable for summer, which are quickly absorbed and leave the skin saturated but light.

There are several raw materials composing products that can greatly help skin’s protective system from within. Vitamin C (in its non-phototoxic version – meaning not sensitive to sunlight) can help the skin’s natural resistance to radiation and repair existing sun damage.

Serums based on patented stem-cell ingredients can serve as a frontline source of protection, and help the skin become stronger, and more resilient against UVA\UVB harm.

During exposure to sunlight – most important are sunscreen and a hat. I’m very particular in using a truly wide-brimmed hat made of UV-resistant fabric, that has good, flexible angles that can fully protect from sunlight, including the neck. The sunscreen should be light and pleasant, not overly thick so that it doesn’t block the pores.

After exposure to sunlight – after cleaning the skin, it’s very important to moisturize it. That’s the cue for all the serums that feed and nourish the skin – all types of stem-cells, vitamins, antioxidants in every form, and rich moisturizers, nourishment masks, etc. This is the skin’s chance to repair itself and recuperate from the breakdown of collagen and elastane fibers caused during exposure.

Now, let’s talk for a moment about the SPF number stated on sunscreens. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating theoretically indicates the fraction of “sun-burn causing” radiation that can reach the skin (mainly UVB radiation); a higher number means a smaller fraction, and, in theory, stronger protection. However, this rating isn’t uniform and measured differently under different health and labeling regulation systems. For example, in 2009 the EU changed sunscreen labeling regulations, requiring sunscreens to indicate protection levels as “low\medium\high\very high” and whether they also provide UVA protection; according to EU recommendations, SPF ratings as low as 15-25 offer no less protection than “SPF 50+” (highest SPF rating labeling allowed in the EU), and having both UVB and UVA protection is considered more important than the SPF rating.

For that reason, many excellent sunscreens that follow EU regulations may be labeled “SPF 30”, but actually offer much better protection than other sunscreens labeled “SPF 50” or higher.

Vitamin D – ever heard of it? It is a vitamin produced by the body, stimulated by exposure to sunlight, which is important and vital to many processes in the human body. It only takes a few minutes of exposure to sunlight for the body to receive its dose of vitamin D, and it’s enough to expose the arms, legs, and back – no need to expose the face.


There a several Lilly Kai serums and creams that are highly effective in helping the skin to remain stronger and healthier even in summer:

Liquid Gold



Soft Breeze

Popsicle SPF 30

Have a pleasant, peaceful summer, with perfect skin!


Lilly Kai – everything your skin needs.

עופרי בס

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