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Multi Peptide Cream

50ml -

290 ILS

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This light-textured moisturizer is comprised of three anti-gravitation peptides, which lift and firm the skin and fight sagging. This is an easily absorbed formula that supports a healthy, toned, refreshed and energized complexion.

* Extra lifting properties
* Firms skin
* Nourishes the skin
* Restores vitality
* Restores elasticity
* Light weight feeling
* Great for day and night use
* Amazing for daily neck and face use
* Good for both sensitive skin and anti-aging

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Product’s purpose

Regular use will ensure a healthy and younger-looking skin appearance for many years.

Main active ingredients:

*Ideal lift anti-gravity peptide: Creating a net of amino acids to support the skin against gravity and help it stay firm and tight.

*Copper peptides: An amino acid acting as the foundation blocks in building new cells. Effective connectors and mediators in internal processes that encourage skin solidification, as well as help in keeping the skin healthy for many years.

*El peptide: An amazing natural peptide which helps firm the skin matrix and allows it to stay toned and glowing.



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