shaman mask

Calming Skin Mask

50ml -

320 ILS

This versatile formula soothes and balances irritated skin, as well as disinfects and helps with healing the tissue. Shaman Mask was specifically formulated to battle redness and acne and can be applied and left on for a few minutes or even overnight. Remove the mask with a warm damp cloth.

* Helps balance skin hydration levels
* Disinfects acne and blemishes
* Minimizes pores
* Sebum control
* Calms the skin
* Tackles redness
* Heals and seals the skin

Regular use of Shaman ask will ensure healthier and calmer skin.

Main active ingredients:

*Cannabis: Hydrating and anti-inflammatory, it can help with treating dry
skin and irritation disorders.

*Oregano: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Heals and defends the skin’s natural balance.

*Origanum syriacum: Loaded with natural nutrients, this plant offers tremendous benefits for the skin. It makes the perfect natural remedy to enhance skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Leaves the skin luminous and blemish-free.

*Bisabolol: The main component of chamomile and a strong anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial agent.

*Allantoin: Helps smoothen and calm skin cells.



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