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We know that in order to preserve and improve the health and radiance of our skin, we need to nourish, moisturize, and protect it from free radicals and environmental damage.

This amazing kit provides everything you’ll need to keep it balanced, healthy and beautiful.

And to that effect, we have assembled the perfect balance of products. Potent yet sumptuous and pampering, they will improve, rejuvenate, and keep your skin soft and supple for years to come.

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Why is this the right kit for you?

The quiz you have completed tells me that your skin is generally healthy, and that you would like it to stay that way; to preserve and protect it for years to come.

This kit provides you with everything you’ll need. It is bliss and opulence… in a bottle. A lavish, lovely kit, one you will definitely become addicted to.


very berry, vivid, soft breeze


liquid gold, ninja latte, angel butter

Apply products liberally to clean skin of face and neck. Keep away from eye area.


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pro kit

liquid gold

This brightening formula balances unevenly toned skin and protects it from sun damage, the environment, and free radicals. This serum is based on plant concentrates and vitamins, such as stable vitamin C, pumpkin enzymes, and shiitake mushroom active ingredients. Liquid Gold boosts the skin’s defense layer, evens and brightens, resulting in a naturally healthy tone.

* Improves firmness by correcting collagen connection
* Brightens the skin for an even-tone complexion
* Prevents new pigmentation stains
* Improves the cell’s immune system
* Corrects cell connections for a smoother texture
* Neutralizes free radicals
* Exfoliates dead cells for a smoother complexion


Based on three powerful ingredients, apple stem cells, matrixyl peptide,
and resveratrol super antioxidant, this serum has very strong healing and anti- aging properties. It is gentle yet fierce in repairing skin damage.
Acting like a nutrient, this formula smoothens the skin and helps it retain moisture, resulting in a more youthful and glowing appearance:

* Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines
* Restores the skin tissue’s natural vitality
* Encourages an even-tone complexion
* Improves muscle tone for firm and plump skin
* Rehabilitates collagen production

very berry

With its “superfood” ingredients, such as açai and goji berry stem cells, this formula is designed to improve moisture retention and elasticity, promote natural resilience, repair damage, and help resist future impairments. Very Berry’s folic acid components turn over aging cells and promote the thickening and firming of cell walls, encouraging the skin to reach its maximum glow potential.

* Encourage new elastin and collagen connections
* Improves firmness by tightening the skin matrix
* Brightens the skin for an even-tone complexion
* Thickens the cell walls for better resistance
* Corrects cell connections for a smoother texture
* Neutralizes free radicals

ninja latte

The cutting-edge of new-age cosmetic technology and a true anti-aging warrior, this gentle and restorative formula is based on encapsulated Retinol, bakuchiol flowers and PhytoSpherix. Ninja Latte is easily absorbed without irritation, and offers an array of proven benefits:

* Reduces and smoothens lines and wrinkles
* Restores natural radiance
* Corrects hyper-pigmentation and encourages an even-tone complexion
* Softens the pores and accelerates skin regeneration and collagen synthesis
* Firms skin elasticity
* Collagen buildup
* Helps pores sebum control
* Renews the skin and lightens blemishes and acne scarring
* Anti-irritant

סרום רטינול - נינג'ה לאטה

soft breeze

This light-textured moisturizer is comprised of three anti-gravitation peptides, which lift and firm the skin and fight sagging. This is an easily absorbed formula that supports a healthy, toned, refreshed and energized complexion.

* Extra lifting properties
* Firms skin
* Nourishes the skin
* Restores vitality
* Restores elasticity
* Light weight feeling
* Great for day and night use
* Amazing for daily neck and face use
* Good for both sensitive skin and anti-aging

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