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This delicious herbal infusion is perfect for the anti-aging treatment of thinning skin that tends to be yellowish. It is also suitable for people who may feel discomfort in the stomach area or suffer from constipation. This infusion helps harmonize our inner earth element, as well as soothe the body and “lift” our facial Chi energy.
Apart from customizing unique products that aim to balance and preserve the vitality of the skin externally, we also understand the importance of complementing the process with herbal formulas for inner balancing.
All our herbal formulas are modified and personalized based on the photo of your tongue.

Botanical Names:

  • Atractylodis macrocephala rd
  • Scutellaria baicalensis rd
  • Citrus reticulata ft
  • Matricaria recutita flos


Chinese Herbs Names:

  • Bai Zhu
  • Huang Qin
  • Chen Pi
  • Matricaria recutita flos

Simply add hot water and let the formula work its magic. You can drink it hot or allow it to cool and drink it cold throughout the day.



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