Sea Foam Cleanser

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140 ILS

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This fresh, gentle, and clean facial cleanser is formulated from the integration of two unique algae polymers and natural sea salts. This formula has incredible calming properties, leaving the skin fresh and free of dryness and irritation.

* Deep cleans the skin
* Immediate freshness
* Doesn’t leave the skin dry
* No irritation
* No SLS
* No parabens
* For daily use
* Great natural scent and foamy fresh texture

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Product’s purpose

Regular use will take your skin to new levels of clean luxury, while allowing it to maintain its natural barrier.

Main active ingredients:

*Sea salts: High in natural minerals that help cleanse pores, while balancing oil production and retaining moisture from within. Its anti-bacterial properties discourage the growth of bacteria responsible for breakouts and acne. Sea salt exfoliates the skin naturally, while its minerals nourish it.

*Aldevine: Algae polymer which shrinks blood vessels and possesses anti-puffiness qualities. It purifies pores, brightens, hydrates, and even protects against the sun.
Algae are loaded with antioxidants and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In algae are inhibiting enzymes, which break down collagen and reduce stimulation of associated inflammation from UV exposure.



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