My name is Ofri Bass, I am a cosmetician and I am also an acupuncturist as based on Chinese Medicine.

According to Chinese Medicine it is easier to diagnose an ailment as we neutralize symptoms and look at every situation “dryly”. We check temperature, dryness, moisture, and we find out where the imbalance is in our patients. Mostly, it is the earth, fire and tree elements that influence the body, yet sometimes also the water and metal elements. This means that everything influences our body!

The ideal treatment for the skin incorporates cosmetic acupuncture as based on Chinese Medicine together with active products and advanced technology. Throughout the years I have learned which products work best and are most effective, and with my years of experience I have also learned which products are suited to one another.

The cosmetic world is very wide ranged, however, I decided to narrow it down and hand pick only the leading products. Slowly, with the help of a lot of smart women in the chemistry industry as well as the medical industry, in Israel and from around the world, we developed Lilly Kai.
These days, my treatments concentrate on anti-ageing as well as problematic skin.

Anti-ageing treatments provide an effective and viable solution for women of all age, not only for older women. This is preventative skin medicine. Like in Chinese Medicine, my perspective is in prevention before cure. Using the right products, being aware and adopting a healthy lifestyle help both my clients and myself to keep their skin beautiful for many years.

I want to clarify something, I am constantly asked about the way I keep my skin looking beautiful. People often think that I eat only super healthy food and that I meditate all day long. That is far from being true, I am not free of the little “guilty pleasures”. I love beach holidays, I love the sun, I love eating good food that is may not necessarily be so healthy, and I love having fun. I simply make sure to look after my skin. When I go out in the sun, I wear a hat that protects my face and my neck – really. I wear sunscreen, and of course I never forget my facial products routine, morning and night. That’s it – I don’t drink cucumber shakes all day (I’ve never tasted) and I don’t do yoga all day. I wish I did, but I’m realistic. I flow with life’s fast pace, and I make no apologies for this because I love living, but I also want to feel and look young… for as long as I can. 

I am proud to make the Lilly Kai method and products available to you.

Until today, the only way to receive and analysis and matching of products was by coming into my clinic for a facial. As there only a few of us at the clinic and only 24 hours in a day, it made it a little more difficult to attend quickly to inquiries. We have now developed a new method of analyzing your skin with questionnaires and photos of your face and tongue. Based on these set of questions and photos, I can personalize the right products for your skin. These products will help you look after your skin and keep your skin feeling and looking healthy for many years.


Lilly Kai – everything your skin needs